Lunch time writing and musings have beckoned and now is the first attempt at writing the first Gemstoneriver Blog…ahem:


In the January cold rain and drab skies with many beautiful people hurtling around the city in either grey, black or navy outfits, what better way to spice up your wardrobe and add a dash of colour and instant glamour to your day with our newly handcrafted glamorous Gemstoneriver Deluxe Earrings Collection – link below.—bridesmaids-prom-wedding-office-cocktail-gala-party-jewellery—lexi-1190-p.asp

Some pictures are on our facebook page!/photo.php?fbid=10152166195254455&set=pb.541704454.-2207520000.1391176137.&type=3&theater 

If you see something that you like but is not listed on our website just yet, please drop us a message: or via facebook.

More products are being handcrafted and my with sincere apologies, the website is being also updated albeit at snail pace; but will get there.

So back to the mill and grind, in the cold January rain – tiny droplets against the window pane, shimering like gemstones, I leave you with vibrant and vivid colours of gemstoneriver glamorous gem products for the day!

Gemstoneriver 🙂




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