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is a registered trademark (RTM): UK00003017185. We bring you quality, bold, unique glamorous designer handmade statement jewellery and fashionable accessories at a competitive yet affordable price!

    You can now earn and accumulate loyalty points with every item so you can use them on your next purchase!

    - Repeat customers receive 20 loyalty points, redeemed at next point of sale, to claim your points please advise us
    - 1 loyalty point for every £1 spent - automatically giving you 5% discount for the next purchase
    - Loyalty points are only valid for account purchases and do not yield a cash return.
    - Loyalty points would be debited on refunded products or no change at the discretion of gemstoneriver
    Introduce a friend who completes a purchase 20 points to both accounts!
Access to your payment details by gemstoneriver: 
Please note that we do not keep details of your payment cards or PAYPAL/Amazon or Google Checkout 
Once you buy, the payment is taken by these third parties via secure transaction systems. We would only keep your postal and shipping address on our records to send your purchase to, keep your email address to update you on your order status and you can elect to sign up to receive our newsletter. We do not share or sell personal data.

Payment Methods: How can I pay for my purchase?
To ensure your peace of mind and added security as these are trusted third party payment providers/verifiers
Payment with PAYPAL:
Simply choose your products, click and go to the check out trolley
    - Select option to Pay with PAYPAL followed by
    - Pay with Different Card Details where you will be asked to enter your credit or debit card details

You can also pay using your bank cards (Debit or Credit Card) e.g.
Visa/Delta/Electron/Mastercard/Eurocard/Discover/American Express and Maestro. Simply select:
    - Simply choose your products, click and go to the check out trolley *(or the cart/trolley icon at the top)
    - Select option to Pay with PAYPAL then choose option to 
    - Pay with Different Card Details where you will be asked to enter your credit or debit card details as normal

Payment with Amazon Checkout:  
We are an Amazon Seller and our payment gateway has been integrated with Amazon Checkout especially  for an easy and swift payment process. 
    - simply choose your items, click on the basket/cart icon, click and go to the check out trolley area
    - select your preferred delivery option then scroll down, and 
    - select payment by clicking on the Amazon Checkout Logo (existing Amazon users or create an account)
    - you will be prompted to log in to your Amazon customer account where you can safely and securely
      complete your payment details and make payment

Payment with Google Checkout
    - Simply choose your items, click and to to the checkout trolley
    - Select payment by clicking on the Google Checkout Logo (you must have signed up for Google Checkout)
    - Complete the login information and verify your purchase to make payment as prompted by Google

Customer Details & Privacy
At gemstoneriver® we place high confidentiality and value to our customer's details; we do not share or sell customer details. The data we have on customers will be used to send purchases and if you would like to receive promotional material and discount codes. 

More information can be found on our Terms & Conditions Page

How do I enquire on custom made/commissioned work, cost of bulk order or request specifications?
Just email us directlycontact@gemstoneriver.com and we will be happy to help, discuss your design and requirements!

Gift Boxes and Sending Special Messages: 
Gift Boxes and an option for us to include your message to the recepient are also available, just let us know via email (along with your intended message for the latter facility). Please let me know if you are buying several gifts that would fit into one box and if you require them to be sent together with one message.  

Please note that for ethical reasons, we will not process hateful and threatening messages to be sent on your behalf. We will process and include all other messages, however.

gemstoneriver® products have a warranty of six months; we can repair your item if you keep your receipt, please get in touch with your order/receipt number clearly stating reasons for return and repair needs. This does not include natural tear and wear or in instances where undue care has been given to your product e.g. kept in damp/humid area. Please see below for tips on how to care for your jewellery.

Caring for your jewellery
Jewellery can be delicate and taking good care of your jewellery will ensure you enjoy it for longer. 
keep your jewellery safe in a pouch or box
remove chain linked/based bracelets, necklaces/pendants and dangly earrings before a bath/shower/going to bed.
avoid abrasive surfaces and liquids, excessive sweat and prolonged exposure to sunshine.
freshwater pearls have been known to keep their shine by caressing them, avoid sweat, abrasive liquids, direct heat
sterling silver may oxidise but can be wiped with a chamois to regain its shine
due care must be taken for all plated base metals as the plate may oxidise/fade quicker if kept in damp conditions
In extreme or rare cases: you must remove your jewellery If you develop signs of allergy e.g. swelling, skin rash

Metal Components and Nickel
Our metal components are sourced with care and consideration and comes from a supplier who guarantees that they are Nickel free in compliance with the EU requirements.
gemstoneriver® is happy when you are, hope you find something you like, if not....just ask us here.
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